Danny on the Issues

Restore America’s greatness AND Secure America’s border.

America can be a great, diverse, welcoming nation, but first America must defend our borders to ensure our national security and protect our Constitutional rule of law. To do this, I am firmly in support of building a strong wall on our southern border and instituting vigorous new vetting of all immigrants. I will vote against amnesty and demand that our immigration laws be enforced on the border and in the workplace.

America, respected and feared again - no apologies.

Under Barack Obama, America has lost its standing in the world. Our enemies taunt us and our allies don’t trust us. China steals our privacy and trade secrets without repercussions. As your Congressman, I will be a vote and a voice for an America that is once again strong in the world.

Our nation’s foreign policy priority needs to be the protection and support of its own citizens. No more nation-building. No more world’s policeman. We need to be feared by our enemies as a fierce defender of our own national interests, and respected by the world as a beacon of freedom and strength. I will vote to support Israel’s self-defense and to oppose Iran’s aggression. And I will call it “Islamic terrorism” – because that’s exactly what it is.

End crony capitalism. Cut taxes; disarm DC bureaucrats.

It’s time to take America’s economy back from the political class, by voting to end corporate welfare and the crony capitalist system whereby corporations, lobbyists, bureaucrats and politicians enrich themselves at your expense.

I will vote to put the American economy back in the hands of the American people by backing a complete overhaul of the tax code that repeals special interest tax breaks that only serve to empower lobbyists, bureaucrats and corporations. As part of the overhaul, I will vote to support massive, across-the-board tax cuts that return hard-earned money to the people who earned it in the first place.

All Lives Matter: Protect Life and Liberty.

I will be a steadfast defender of the Second Amendment and protect the people’s individual right to self-defense. For every person, I will defend the sanctity of their life, the preservation of their liberties and the opportunity to pursue their happiness. I will defend these inalienable rights because each of us is a child of God, created equally by Him. All Lives Matter.